high quality.

For very long time, ever since I could remember, I have assumed that "originality" is one of the most important thing in our world. I don't know the reason why does originality look so important for me. I've just believed in it without thinking, indiscreetly. But recently I threw away the value judgment at last. Well, originality is not key. Rather I can say "quality" is key. Quality, high quality.

I remember once I read about Dumas who wrote "The Three Musketeers". The book said that when Dumas got sued by his disciple with Dumas's plagiarizing from the disciple, Dumas answerd "Yes I did but still mine is better than yours". What a greate guy he was.
But this story is a fake made by Yasutaka Tutui one of Japanese writer. He wrote a parody literature dictionary. In the book.

It's very long ago my reading this parody book. All I remember was just Dumas's this episode. Except this, I can't remember any article in this book totally. Without realizing I forgot others, not only articles but also the concept of the book, namely I forgot the book is just a parody. Insidiously I assume it is a true. Awful!

I found out my this miss-memory by internet. Without internet maybe I cannot be aware this forever. Only in the case of meeting a man knowing about this book accidentally and talking about the episode accidentally, I can get aware. Actually I cannot say I like internet so much but I have to say sometimes internet give me something special, like knowledge, relationship and so on. Then I feel technology changes our life literally.

For instance, we have camera and picture. So It's very easy to watch scenes in your past via pics. your ex-something or something. But imagine if this was a era before the invention of camera. Of course we don't have cameras and pics. We cannot see the past scenes, never ever. Everything is just in your mind. In the aspects of NATUER, this is natural. Life without camera is natural. So sometimes I am not sure we can take our life with camera and pic. Sometimes old memory kills people you know. Today, in addition, we hava video camera. Movind good old memories with sound! It's lost and digital fuckin' high quality, Crap!