Story of Kibune ; part1.

Long ago, in the mid-age, there was a emperor named Hirohira. One of his minister had a son. The son's name is Sadahira and Hirohira made a favorite of him. Sadahira was a single at that time, then Hirohira told him,

"You know what's the happiness of man's life. It's having a beautiful wife. You should have one as early as possible. Look for somebody nice in Kyoto city."

Sadahira didn't want to marry still. But it's the word from the emperor he couldn't say no. Reluctantly he had some marriage meetings. No body was not good for him. He's just kept refusing and refusing.

One day they had a bloom gazing party in the emperor's garden. It's time to a nice fan competition. Sadahira's uncle, Ohidono, he ordered one of the most famous painter "I 'll pay as you like, paint something very beautiful on this fan". The painter accepted this order and want to Kurama-temple, because he thought his own talent was not enough to make up nice painting on this fan. He needed some help from a god in Kurama. He's stayed at Kurama for 7 days.
The 7th day, one god Bishamon appeared in his dream. Maybe it's a dream, but actually he couldn't distinguish "dream" or "real". Bishamon told him "Open this door". The painter opened it, and there was a so beautiful girl. He made a painting of her. Then handed it to Ohidono. Ohidono was really surprised by the beauty of this painting. He showed it to Hirohira. Yes Hirohira liked it very much. And one day He gave it to Sadahira.

"God what a beautiful woman she is!"

As open the fan and have a look, Sadahira was shocked. He fell in love with the woman in the painting at the first look. Can such a beautiful woman be? Yes of course the painter must make it with watching her. I wanna see her if I can, at least just one night.
He literally fell in the deep love. He didn't talk with any body, just thought of her. Day by day his love-sickness was getting bigger and at last he stopped to go to his job. Just stay in his bed. Hisohisa heard about this. He called many monks and priests from temples, though their prays and magics didn't work. They said "I'm very sorry. Sadahira is dying"


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