The Story of Kibune ; part3.

Sadahira became so happy, "Please please let me see her".
He ordered the servitor to go back to Kyoto. Then he went to Kurama immediately. In Kyoto, Sadahira's parents got mad on the servitor. "Why the hell did you come back by yourself, alone, without Sadahira. Where is he now?" The parent's put a lot of servants to search Sadahira. But it didn't work. Nobody could find him.

When they are searching Sadahisa in Nara, Sadahira was in Kurama-temple.

"Tamonten, please fulfill my hope, or I will fire this temple and the statue of Buddha, getting a suicide, becoming to something very evil. Now you should show me you are making my hope come true"

He has kept praying for 37days. The 37th night, just before the break of day, Bishyamon came out, like a phantom, very fuzzy.

"What are you praying fervently for?"

Sadahira tightened up and said "I fell in love with a woman who is painted on a beautiful fan. I really love her and wanna see her. At Hase-temple in Nara, I saw Kannon telling me that I should go to Kurama and ask you".

"Hahaha", Bisyamon burst out laughing,"You love a woman in the picture haha. Sorry. If you loved a woman in real world, I could make your hope come true. Thought I tell you the story. Very awful story".

Bisyamon went on.

"In the west part from here, there is a place called Kairasyou. There are Oni(Japanese devil or goblin) in the place. One of Oni is 50 meter height, has 8 faces, 808 hones 16 eyes. The teeth are like swords. The breath is deep fog can cover the area within 400km radius. His body is red. When he eat something, 8 mouths get fight each other to get the food. The sound of the fight, sounds like hard beaten 30 drums, ring all around the world. The woman is the daughter of it. Do you still say you love her?"

"Yes, even if she is the daughter of it. I still love her. I'm just loving her always"

"I see", Bisyamon opened a curtain just next of him.

Sadahira got shocked. He was so surprised. There was her, the woman in the paint. She was much more beautiful than she was in the painting. In the painting, she was 32 sou ("32 sou" means perfect beauty of woman ). In the real, she was 80 sou.

Sadahira told her "where are you from?"
The woman answerd "from Oni world"