nuke isn't, but we are under control.

"I wrote this article on 24 Apr.2011. Mainly for my foreign friends.That's almost 2 months ago."

My hometown, Kyoto, is far away from the Fukushima and Tohoku regions. There is almost no visible effect from the 3.11 tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear-plant problems. People in Kyoto, they are all spending ordinary days. Going to work, school, supermarkets, and so on.

But we got some effects from this disaster. Deep in our minds. At least for me, everything looks different now. How different? I cannot explain yet. I don't know. In addition, I quit my Ph.D study in the last month. I've studied physics, specifically solid state physics. Now I'm writing a novel. Up until a month ago, being a physicist (or scientist) was the 1st, highest priority in my life as a job. Now it's a writer, writing good long stories, unique stories no other person can write.

Did FUKUSHIMA chang my mind? my dream?
I have no idea. I can not realize that.
Maybe yes, maybe not.

Here, I wanna say thank you so much for you people doing things for Japan.
And very sorry for our not good handling of the nuclear plants.

For a very long time, we Japanese haven't cared about nuclear plants enough.
For a very long time, we Japanese haven't cared about the government's information control.

This time, we realized.
Not on TV, not in news papers, but only on the internet, we can watch many lives, articles.
They strongly show us how "powerful-people" are controlling information. Very clear.
I was such an idiot.
Of course I had some knowledge of that governmental information control.
But I didn't know the control was so, so aggravated.....

Now we know, and we are gonna change this.
Making a new world.