The Story of Kibune ; part2.

Sadahira himself knows that only suffering sadness everyday never help him. At last he decided to ask the painter where have he met her. Sadahira sent a messenger to the uncle Ohidono. Ohidono came over to Sadahira immediately and was very shocked by his emaciated nephew.

" Are you OK, really? "

" I'm ashamed to say I got such a heavy love-sickness by seeing the fan you gave me. But actually I'm in the situation of the love with her in the painting. Without seeing her, my life will get the end in the not far future. Do you know something about her? Didn't the painter tell you how did he make the painting? I want to see her. I need information about her, please. "

" Well well, you know it totally doesn't make sense. Falling love with a woman really living in the world, I understand your getting such a heavy love-sickness. But this woman, you know she is not in the real world. She is just something from the painters imagination. Not real. "

" Yes I know it, but still I can not stop myself keeping this love, I can't forget her. So please just tell me everything you know. At least it can make me feel better. Please. "

Ohidono saw Sadahira's ardor and accept his order.

" OK, then I tell you. On the north from here, there is a temple named Kurama-dera in a mountain. From the temple one narrow pass is going to a place named Soujougadani. After Soujougadani in deep mountains you can see a huge cave and in the cave there is a country. A country of devils. The king of devil has two daughters. the elder one Jurougozen is 16 years old and the younger one Kotujonomiya is 13 years old, both of them are very beautiful in rumours. More beautiful than angels. But still, you know they are in the devil's world not in our world. "

" Really, thank god! If she doesn't exist, I might give up her. But she is! I never care what she is. Even if she is a daughter of the devil I love her. "

Then Sadahira fell asleep to see a dream about her at least. But no dream. Next he went to Kasugadaimyoujin's shrine to pray. He's kept praying for 17 days. Then went to Hasa-Kannon and got 17days pray again. The 17th night, Kannon appeared in Sadahira's dream.

" Go to Kurama-dera. Ask Bisyamon"