light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation; part1

They had their hands up, trying to touch LASER beams passing above their heads.The LASER colored green was so vivid in the smoky air. The LASER was just a little bit too high to grab.It was shiny, and too high to touch. Do you call this sad? I didn't stretch my arms up to touch beams, 'cause I knew it's too high, and that means I was not too high.Instead of my arms, I stretched my sense of hearing all over the dancing floor. I could feel the music not only with my ears, but also the whole of my body. My thorax felt the resonance of the bass. I thought how's my heartbeat rate now, is that normal? or is there any possibility that I could feel the resonance of my heartbeat as well? Yep such a good boomy music that I like.
Specially this night I liked it very much. I had not been to a club for a long time. Just like a sponge's sopping up water, house music penetrated through my body easily. Then I could dance without any hesitation.

I don't know how many people like clubs and club music. But I'm sure in many movies, cool central characters don't like them so much. For instance, in a Japanese movie "GO", the central character named Sugihara went to a club just because of a strong invitation. He brought a book and a Walkman. After greeting to one of his friends, he got a table and started to read the book and listen to his Walkman, in the club, on the crowded dancing people.
At that very time, she came up. Climbed down stairs, wading through people, she, the heroin of this movie, came to Sugihara directly (yes,somehow directly). This was their first meeting.

" Don't you think this place sucks, loud, too many people, wanna get out from here?" said the heroin. Then their story began. You know.

So, sometimes I think if I could say I don't like clubs at all. This sounds cool, maybe for some kinds of people. But I like them for good or for bad.

It's been more than ten years ago since I first went clubbing. I don't remember how old I was. I just remember I was alone in the beginning.
I was a engineering student who had no friends who wanted to go to a club. So I went to one of famous clubs in Kyoto alone. I had no idea, what I should do in that place. Even how to enter there. I was hesitating to open the door and making completely meaningless checkups on my watch or something I had.
At that very time, she came up.

(to be continued)