space in the pot.

I found an interesting story on the web.
I agree with this story only on some parts, not all.
But this is a very good example of "How strongly a metaphor can have a persuasion".
This story was written in Japanese. Kinda Japanese I don't like. Then at first I was gonna rewrite with another taste Japanese. But somehow it looks not good and I translated the story to English.

Basically a metaphor is just a metaphor.
Of course, there is an analogy, quite fine similarity between FACT and METAPHOR.
But still a metaphor is a metaphor, not real fact. So sometimes metaphors don't explain anything, logically at all. Though we could lost the point of story, logic of story, when we listen metaphors, and metaphors gain over us. Terrible, indeed. I sometimes point out "now do you really need such a metaphor? I think your metaphor is nothing for now and you don't need to use a metaphor. Fact is enough to explain or understand. Could you talk about just facts without any metaphors"
Metaphors could help us understanding. At the same time, could be tools to con. Con not only people, but also himself. Because he might assume metaphors are logic without thinking.

HERE THE STORY STARTING________________________________

One day, the professor put a pot on the desk and say "time to a quiz".
He put several big stones inside of the pot, till he filled it.
Then he asked a question to his students.

"Do you think now this pot is full?"

No student answered it and immediately the professor answered it by himself.

"Of course NO"

He pulled out a box that had many small stones. He started put these small stones in the pot, till he filled the pot with small stones.

"Well, now I'm asking the very same question again. Is this pot full?"

This time, a student answer the question.


"You right, we have still space inside of this pot"

The professor pulled out another box. This box was filled with sand. Yes he put sand in the pot. Next he got out water.

" Now you know what I'm doing"

He put water in the pot.

" And do you know what I mean with this cheap show? What I wanna say?"

One student raised her hand.

"I guess, you mean we can find enough time to do something even if our schedules look full"

"No. Forget about your schedule or something like that. Just I wanna say that you should get it first, you should get big and important things for you first. Only first time you have enough space to keep them. After filling with tiny craps, you can never get something you really need. Remember this order. Don't fill up yourself with small things when you are young"