The last saterday I want to HANATORO in Higashiyama region, Kyoto. HANATORO is a kind of event that putting many electric lamps on the side of passages in this region. They make this every spring(autumn also? don't know well) and this is my third time to go. I like this. That's somthing called very Kyoto-ish. Kyoto-ish passeges, temples and so on. In addition, this is telling me spring's comeing. A warm, comfy spring saterday-night with glinty chatting people.

Before gonna HANATORO, we went to shopping a bit to get some clothes for the comeing spring(but we didn't buy anything. I feel we are losing nice shops in Kyoto). So we started our Higashiyama-journey around 7:30. The first place we stopped by is Syourenin-monzeki(kinda temple of course). In front of this place you can see a big tree's lighted up, nice. I knew this place and I've passed the front many times, however I've never been inside because it didn't look so interesting. Then I can call this is my first time gonna inside of Syourenin-monzeki. It's very nice. I also got in the tea room and took Machya. Well I know this time's my getting tea was very because of the my first Sado experience on last week. And the tea, very nice also. I have to say one thing. Basically, yes this is nice place to see. My question is that "What the hell is these fuckin' lighting-up in the garden!!!" It's ruining this temple and killing us.

We spent long time in here. Feeling almost this is our way to go home. But actually we have just started our journey. Keep on. We passed Chionin-temple. Yap here I got an information "The next midnight-nenbutu at Chionin-temple will be on 18th, Apr" OK. Passing through Maruyama-park. Then passing Kodaiji-temple (It's very similer with Syourenin) and finally we arrived at Kiyomizudera-temple. That's lighted up pritty beautiful. We took Tainiai-meguri that's a kinda rite you go walk inside of narrow pass. it's dark totally you can just follow a leading beadroll with your left hand.

Now Kiyomizudera-temple is showing their main Buddha statue. So we went to see that with additional 100 yen (everytime it's cost in Buddhism temple, already we've paid entrance fee and tainai-meguri fee). They played up like "come on people this is a very special chance to see our main Buddha-statue. You know the next time we will show this in 24 years. In 24 years. Now for 100yen" Gotta, I'm in.

Inside of the room for the main Buddha, they wanna get some money again "You can buy this candle and make a pray, come on people. one candle, one hope" fuck off. Where is the real Buddhizm?

And something terrible happened. The air. Air inside the room. Well the room has some (special) Buddha-statues on centre. We were walking on the narrow pass around these Buddha-statues. Many crowded people were walking on their feet only with socks or bare. No wind. I don't know from which (might be both ), I mean directly from feet or from the carpet on the floor, I'm so sorry people but it's stink! We really wanted to go out from here immediately, as soooooon as possible. So we tried to get out, yes, but you know this stinky narrow passege was filled with crowd people and we couldn't move. People, don't they care about this smell?, not only saw the statues, also they were praying. What are you praying in here such a stinky room? I wanna just pray to take me out from here.

After seeing Kiyomizudera, we took a way to go home. Very same way we came. When we walked aiming to Kiyomizudera, there were so many people walking also, but now on the way to home there is few people and we can see just lamps on the pass still keeps their light.