Norwegian Wood.

My last year passed away with "The Great Gatsby" by Scott Fitzgerald.

The next February, it will start that shooting the movie of one modern masterpiece novel "Norwegian Wood". This nobel was written by Haruki Murakami and came into the world in 1987. I remember my seeing this book stacked flat high in book stores that days. It has two volumes of anterior and posterior, each cover was colored red and green. I was 8 years old in an elementary school and totally not interested in this story. I just saw the red cover and the green cover side by side in every book store. It was a very best-seller. I didn't touch it.

I don't remember when is the first time my reading "Norwegian Wood". Not so long ago, maybe just 4,5 years ago. I felt good, just good. Not so much be impressed. I have no idea the reason why I wanted to read it again exactry. Just I can guess that's because of some information of the movie shooting. Any way, last December I pulled out these books (but mine are paperback edition they have no red or green cover) from my bookshelf.

I started to read the anterior and immediatery saw the name of Scott Fitzgerald. The centre character likes "The Great Gatsby" very much. I know Haruki Murakami himself loves "The Great Gatsby". He mentioned that the book on the top of his list is "The Great Gatsby" several times. Actually I have checked The Great Gatsby sometimes. But this is a kind of sad story and I never like sad stories. So I haven't read this book for very long time. However, this time when I saw the title "The Great Gatsby", I felt I wanna read this book. I stopped reading "Norwegian Wood" and went to a book store.

"The Great Gatsby" was published in 1925. We can call this old book. We have some Japanese edition and one of them translated by Haruki Murakami. He is famous as not only a novelist but also a translator. In the afterword by the translator, Murakami says "when I translate something, I always try to make myself just very good translator not novelist. But on this work, on The Great Gatsby, I used my ability as a novelist as well".
The locale is originally early 20s in The U.S.. Murakami changed it more modern taste by getting rid of very classical expressions. I don't know this is good or not. His assertion is that"this story should be near by us", "novels have no freshness date but translations have".

I have finished The Great Gatsby and soon been back on Norwegian Wood. So now, after reading two stories, I feel The Great Gatsby is one part of Norwegian Wood. And, feel that both of the stories vanished away into the fog of my memory.