Once on my friend's diary, he's written about "sunk cost". It means a cost that you threw into something and never be gotten back. Well that's a sunk cost, you'd better just sweep the slate clean, right? Past is a past. Don't look back. I got it.

This sunk cost coming from economic terms looks very nice. Simple, clear, chin-up, positive. Of course not always but in many case we should think about sunk cost and sometimes that will help us. However, for me, I just have to own up my trashing so many thihgs that didn't work very easily without knowing this word of sunk cost. This word makes me get wise. I should respect things more.I was a natural born "sunk cost guy".

Also I appried this concept on the future. OK if you regret something, you'd better just forget or analyze it then start over. For instance, imagine you have a very important examination a week later. Today you didn't study for it. you get regret why I didn't, stupid me. Then you are gonna look the futuer. "OK, tomorrow I shall study hard".
Confession, confession, confession. I've sometimes thought I won't study tomorrow also, anyway all I have to do in tomorrow's night is to forget about the day and make a new vow to the next day. So to say, I can start over at FUTUER'S NOW, not NOW'S NOW. Stupid.