swimwear city.

Imagine. You are standing in front of an external condenser unit for an air-conditioner. The piss-warm, I'm sorry, calid wind is coming out to your face. You are covered by this hot air, high humidity. You get sweat. you heave.
Well. Now you know it. That is the summer in Kyoto city. Crap!

When I got back to Kyoto, without hyperbole, I couldn't breathe smoothly. In Hokkaido, the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius lower than that in Kyoto. And HUMIDITY! Kyoto is like a inside of a bathroom or spa. In a daytime you can make your T-shirt sweaty wet with just 1 minute walk, indeed.

So. Today I have one proposal.
We don't need any stifling clothes in summer any more. You know some cities on coasts they take that style, swimwear style. In that cities even some neat restaurants accept customers taking seats with swimwears. Why don't we?
In addition, we have Kamo-river in the city centre so that people can get cold water easy. clean up your sweaty skin with splashed water. Doesn't it sound nice?