Sometime. Just sometime, we all of us get it. Puke.
In that morning I was walking along the river called Sumidagawa. It's around 8 still young so that some people also dogs aired themselves. But already summer morning has been getting hot. I started to sweat, didn't feel any fresh breeze just be wrapped in wet. From here to the river mouth just 0.9 km, we got a high humidity indeed.
I know it's not a big deal. But this time is the very first time of my seeing a dead body floating on water. It's a rat, huge one. He got a swollen stomach. I have watched the body for a few minutes. How many people have seen it in this morning or the last night? Or is this body more old? I have no idea. Just I feel I am the only one parson who have seen his body in the world. Nobody sees his body, nobody knows his life. But still he must have his own life, his father and mother, even kids. This is the end of his life, no I should call it after his life, anyway one end that drifting to the sea with many dust on dirty water. And I saw it.