playing a metallophone and a violin.

Jerk alert. At last he is coming up. The guy whe never understand anybody. Every time, in every cases, you know he just always tells you "what the hell are you talking about, listen to me." Definitely he says so, and all. Fuckin' phony sanovabich isn't it?
Anyway you have to talk with him couse' he is in everywhere in this our world. You would tell him same thing again, again and again. Of course he never understand that. You both fo two may get sore and all. May? not may it must be must, for Chrissake.
What should I do at that time? Yes maybe he the phony one would think YOU are the jerk, like you would he is. Some old-shoe people think it's because of Babel. I have watched that movie, named "BABEL" without modification, at one big screen near by Nijo station a few months ago.
I don't like this movie so much. But I can empathize with this director. We all have dizzy and unbeatable dikes of communications. It baffles me. Furthermore I know obviously I have that dikes, not a dike, dikes indeed as hell.